• Does Anyone Remember Your Brand? But it's not enough to think, it's what we think about, it's how we think. The unthinking route is easy and well-trampled. Thinking on autopilot is the same-old, it's exactly what you would expect. The way we think gets your audience to sit up and take notice; we inspire your audience to think about your brand.
    • We Are Always Thinking... The process of creating is similar to architecture. We test for potential weak spots and plan for the many variables that can negatively affect your brand. We start with knowledge as a foundation and we build with ingenuity reinforced with imagination. All elements work together harmoniously to create strategically oriented, memorable and brilliantly executed marketing messages.
    • Nothing Hits Home Like Measured Results. We aim to employ smart communications that actually work. Evaluation gives a reference point to measure attitudes, inquiries, recall and more. When the tiniest alterations cause major changes in consumer behavior, it's important to know when, where, what, how and why.

    • Are You Feeding the Hummingbird?

      Leverage the search giant’s new “semantic search” algorithm for better SEO There’s a new bird in town, and it’s bringing new meaning to Mighty Mouse. No really. Some estimates say it affects 90% of worldwide Google searches. Touted as a small but powerful change, Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm actually interprets the underlying meaning of our searches, rather than focusing only on the keywords.

      So in other words, this is a search engine that will understand the intention behind a search phrase, not just the most important words in it. It will take the entire string of words typed into Google and surmise the actual context of the question.

      What’s different about this “semantic” (meaning-oriented) approach? Previously Google chased keywords, without paying that much attention to the other words in a search phrase, so if it saw “red rover” in the phrase “how do I play red rover,” it might hone in on “rover” and thus spit out “Land Rover”.

      Vist our blog to read more about how to feed the Hummingbird.

    • Be the Dr. Seuss of advertising

      It’s a question Dr. Seuss just might have asked. After all, from his fertile mind came the Elephant-Bird, Fizza-ma-Wizza-ma-Dill and countless other creative creatures, all previously unheard of and wildly successful.

      Thinking like Dr. Seuss pays off here, particularly for those bound to the strategy of yellow pages, print, billboards, repeat. Print pays off time and again, and yet the Internet continues to be the fastest-growing ad medium, projected to encompass nearly 25% of ad spending by next year. In fact, some researchers predict digital ad spending will be more than the combined total spent on magazines and newspapers by 2015.

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    • New Youtube Video Series Launches

      Needless to say, we get very pumped when we partner with clients who have great vision. Our team recently produced two videos for Pekin Insurance you need to check out. These videos are designed to appear on Youtube and on their website exclusively… communicating problem solving policies and insurance options.

      View their newly styled channel.

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