• Does Anyone Remember Your Brand? But it's not enough to think, it's what we think about, it's how we think. The unthinking route is easy and well-trampled. Thinking on autopilot is the same-old, it's exactly what you would expect. The way we think gets your audience to sit up and take notice; we inspire your audience to think about your brand.
    • We Are Always Thinking... The process of creating is similar to architecture. We test for potential weak spots and plan for the many variables that can negatively affect your brand. We start with knowledge as a foundation and we build with ingenuity reinforced with imagination. All elements work together harmoniously to create strategically oriented, memorable and brilliantly executed marketing messages.
    • Nothing Hits Home Like Measured Results. We aim to employ smart communications that actually work. Evaluation gives a reference point to measure attitudes, inquiries, recall and more. When the tiniest alterations cause major changes in consumer behavior, it's important to know when, where, what, how and why.

    • Meeting the Challenges of the One-Man Band… er, Marketing Department

      No man is an island, but never does it feel more like it than when you’re THE marketing department. As a one-person department, you’ve got it all… all the decision making, glory, strategy, pressure, responsibility, planning. To say it’s a lot would be stating the obvious, but the sheer workload seems to justify it. While you may not have the luxury of building a fully staffed multi-person department, that doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish just as much. It starts with a few productive habits…

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    • Marketing for the Multi-Screen Revolution

      The argument for multi-channel marketing is as old as time… the argument for multi-screen marketing, not so much. But it’s gaining ground and effectiveness, because as time becomes more and more fragmented between screens (TV, smartphones, laptops, etc.), marketing needs to follow them. So how do you start? Read on…

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    • McDaniels and Pekin Insurance Team to Create a Special Video to Honor Veterans.

      Video achieves over 1200 views in 24 hours and climbing. Check it out!

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