• Does Anyone Remember Your Brand? But it's not enough to think, it's what we think about, it's how we think. The unthinking route is easy and well-trampled. Thinking on autopilot is the same-old, it's exactly what you would expect. The way we think gets your audience to sit up and take notice; we inspire your audience to think about your brand.
    • We Are Always Thinking... The process of creating is similar to architecture. We test for potential weak spots and plan for the many variables that can negatively affect your brand. We start with knowledge as a foundation and we build with ingenuity reinforced with imagination. All elements work together harmoniously to create strategically oriented, memorable and brilliantly executed marketing messages.
    • Nothing Hits Home Like Measured Results. We aim to employ smart communications that actually work. Evaluation gives a reference point to measure attitudes, inquiries, recall and more. When the tiniest alterations cause major changes in consumer behavior, it's important to know when, where, what, how and why.

    • 4 Common PR Mistakes

      Whether you know it or not, PR is a critical part of your business. What’s more, that old adage, “Any PR is good PR” is simply untrue… especially in sensitive industries like healthcare and finance. In fact, it’s best to help shape the narrative before your audience (or another organization) does it for you. By carefully crafting a message that is promoted (online, broadcast or in print), you can consciously affect the way your business is perceived. And, if you’re not already making PR a priority, you may be your own worst enemy by making these common mistakes.

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    • McDaniels Healthcare Marketing Honored with 7 Pinnacle Awards

      McDaniels Healthcare Marketing, a communications firm headquartered in Pekin, Ill., recently received 7 Pinnacle Awards in a ceremony sponsored by its peers. The ceremony was recently held in Chicago, Ill., as part of the annual conference for the Illinois Society for Healthcare Marketing and Public Relations (ISHMPR). Each year, the Pinnacle Awards are presented for excellence in healthcare marketing and public relations.

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    • Another Entertaining Video for Pekin Insurance Completed:

      Pekin Insurance engaged our team to produce another series of videos to promote specific types of insurance, coverage enhancements and value added services.

      Our latest video markets their business loss services.  The video was shot with local talent and volunteer employees at KMI in Pekin.  Many thanks to all who worked on this great video!  Enjoy. 





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